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This 2020 Good Design Award of the Year winner is a prime example of what is possible when cutting edge design meets manufacturing at an earlier stage of involvement. This project is a collaboration between Headsafe, 4Design, LXGroup, Vestech and Threegon.


DFM started in October 2018


The pressure was intense from the getgo transitioning CAD designs to Tooling, T0 samples and eventually trial units for regulatory testing. Additional challenges were met when considering the sub-assemblies had an IP rating to conform to, meaning the DFM had to take into account surfaces that would later become potential ingress points for water and dust. 

This project required 30 sets of tools and comprises around 75 unique mechanical parts.

DFM took around 4-5 weeks to complete for this very complicated assembly and by late December 2018, we had T0 off tool sample parts coming off our presses. A huge achievement by all involved.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 141122.png

"Many thanks to you and your team for working with us through the ups and downs. The project did have its moments!


We wouldn’t have achieved this milestone without your support. You guys have been amazing partners throughout this journey.


Please pass on our thanks to the team with honourable mentions to Yang Lin and Oliver for persevering with me and the time pressures!


We are looking forward to working with you on the next chapter of this fantastic device.



Well done and we’ll speak soon.


Fast Forward 2020

The pandemic year of Covid-19

April 2020

510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the NUROCHEK

The NUROCHEK system is intended for use in patients aged 14 years and older as an indicator of brain function and is the world’s first portable VEP testing system for use at the point-of-care.

September 2020

Wins 2020 Good Design Award of the Year

An Australian designed, world-first portable medical device, capable of revolutionising the assessment of brain health, has won the country’s most prestigious and coveted design prize.

FDA cleared for sale in the United States: the Nurochek-II System is intended for prescription use in healthcare facilities for subjects aged between 16 and 46 years old, for the aid in diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in conjunction with a standard neurological assessment.

The latest application for the Nurochek can be seen here in the form of a sports orientated package.

Story Continues! Stay Tuned.

Unlocking Coffee Excellence: The Paragon  Collaboration

Introducing the Award-Winning Paragon Filter: A masterpiece born from the fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. Let’s dive into the magic behind this exceptional coffee experience

Good Design Awards winner photo.jpg
The Dream Team:
  • World Champion Barista: Our journey began with a visionary barista who lives and breathes coffee artistry.

  • Formswell Design: An industrial design firm renowned for pushing boundaries and reimagining everyday objects.

  • Threegon: Innovators in tech and engineering, turning dreams into reality.

The Paragon: More than a gadget — it’s a symphony of flavor extraction. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Precision Engineering: Every detail matters. From the ergonomic swing arms to the simplicity to use, we’ve obsessed over perfection.

  • Flavor Maximization: Extract every last drop of richness from your favorite coffee blend. Paragon knows the secret handshake with flavor molecules.

  • From Prototype to Perfection: In just 3 months, we sprinted from prototype concept to mass production. The results? Spectacular. Taste the magic.


The Technology Triangle:

  • Collaboration: When a barista, a design firm, and tech wizards unite, sparks fly. This isn’t just a partnership; it’s a formula for success.

  • Innovation: Paragon blends form and function seamlessly. It’s as beautiful as it is efficient.

  • User Experience: Every morning, your customers will thank you. The Paragon ritual is an artful dance of aroma and anticipation.


Join the Revolution: Industrial design firms, let’s create the next iconic coffee experience together. Paragon Espresso awaits. 

Other Technology Triangle Successes

Below are just some of the products co-developed and manufactured by THREEGON.



When there is a passion to constantly improve the taste of coffee, many ideas are put to the test and very often it culminates into a new method of preparation.  In some cases, it involves building new tools that never existed and extensive taste testing to back up the claims made with science.  



These were some of the first products developed and launched in 2005. The tools are still going strong in the market place. It is a testament to the design, engineering and manufacturing development behind these tools that made them the most advanced professional taping tools on the market, even until today.



The mobile phone accessory market moves fast with product life cycles measured in months. These projects required laser like focus to ensure tooling lead times were met and high volume production targets could keep up with demand.  


QIAreach™ QuantiFERON®-TB

This product was rapidly introduced during the pandemic to provide "a high-performance serological test which detects antibodies in people who have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2." The project is a collaboration between Ellume Health, Formzoo and Threegon.

It was also modified to bring the"next generation of Latent Tuberculosis Infection diagnostics to those who need it most.

Read about the outcome of this collaboration here.



Our internal design of this product helped our client to win the DIY laser levelling category by securing placement in big box retailers that include the Home Depot, Lowes and IKEA while kicking out the competition. It utilizes extrusions and machining to eliminate weight and cost from the product while maintaining accuracy in all 4 directions.



MooresCloud: intelligent connected lighting. This innovative lighting product enables the user to control the colours by App and providing unlimited customization. 


"At CleverPet, we’re on a mission to realize the full potential of animals. We’re harnessing technology to enrich the lives of dogs and cats, and strengthen the bond they share with humans. Join us as we discover, together, just how much animals are capable of."

Start Ups


We love working with startups who are passionate about their products. In fact, quite a few projects manufactured at Threegon have been successfully backed by Kickstarter campaigns.

The CleverPet hub is a sophisticated internet-connected device that provides challenging games for pets, and rewarding them with food treats for solving puzzles. CleverPet solves the problem of bored stay-at-home dogs. Research has shown that dogs who work for their food are much happier.



Building products that enhance the quality of life of not just humans, but for pets - is something our project team never would have thought possible before this one.

iBark Phone Case.


This phone case is made with renewable resources by people who care. We hope that this is a trend that will continue amongst plastic engineered products. Please ask your local designers on how eco materials can be used on your products today. Support iBark cases by clicking on the link below and purchasing one of their beautiful cases. You won't be disappointed.

Nail Snail.


This product solves the age old problem of having a sharp pair of chompers clamp onto your finger or toes as a child. Nail snail is the safe, quick & easy nail trimmer for newborns, babies & children (0-5 yrs). Do you have friends with a newborn or small children?  Make their lives easier by visiting this link and purchasing them some relief!

2016/17 MacBook Pro Case.


Protect your prized MacBook Pro with the best. The STM Hynt case is the most sleek computer case on the market, developed through rigorous engineering and manufacturing techniques to arrive at a product that upholds the simplicity and purity of its original design intent. ClearView polycarbonate allows full visual access to your device. EdgeGuard features internal, clear TPU that protects from inadvertent bumps, and scratches

Get yours now by visiting the link below.

Movi Standing Desk.


MOVI adjusts to exactly the height that's best for you and your spine. These desks suit every body, shorter and tall from 5ft up to 6ft 4”, raising up to 44cm above your existing desk height.

Get yours now by visiting the link below.


CDMI Australia

A project where an idea to make the workplace safer becomes a reality.



from the great Australian outback thought it was crazy that building sized trucks were often driven in total darkness on obscure roads, sometimes adjacent to giant pits.  Their solution - solar rechargeable lighting that is colour coded for different applications.

Felcana Go.


Felcana Go is the only dog and cat activity monitor you need to track your pet's fitness. Weighing as little as a pound coin, it is lightweight, waterproof and bite resistant. So whether your pet is out for a run, walk or swim, Felcana Go has got you covered.

Get yours now by visiting the link below.


THREEGON serves many industries across multiple product categories. New products always in the pipeline!

Despite the breadth in range, these products have one thing in common - each one was a collaboration between passionate industrial designers, and a cross functional team of dedicated mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, tooling, production and quality engineers, project managers and business folk.

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