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As you already know Threegon has contributed significantly to our project. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team; your hard work, experience and dedication are clearly presented in the Pod we produced and for that we are thankful. We are certainly looking forward to working with you more in the future whether through Extel or more directly.


I wanted to let you know that we were lucky enough to have the minister for innovation come to our launch in Melbourne and that the launch made the news on Channel 7. During the launch we had a banner saying "Proudly working in association with our local and global partners" with all of our partners and of course we included Threegon as well. 


As part of the launch few more exciting things happened but one more noteworthy thing I thought you might be interested in is that the Melbourne Museum now has the Facett system (including the Pod) as part of the Augmenting Humans exhibition until July 2018. Below are some photos and links


Hopefully this will help promote the great work that Threegon does as well. Thank you again for all the help Scott and please don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can help in anyway. 


Best Wishes, 


Yaniv Kaufman, Project Leader

Blamey Saunders 2018


Every company was once a start-up and that's usually where the boldest ideas are born.  They are the lifeblood of innovation and disruptive technologies and we are fully committed to helping bring them to market. Threegon has worked with many startups, supported and watched them develop into world-beaters in their niche fields. 


I worked with Threegon during one of the most intense and time critical medical-device compliance project phases and found them very supportive and adaptable to quick changes. I found project team at Threegon absolutely brilliant at multi-tasking and keeping the track of changes being communicated using multiple platforms without losing any information even during pressing timelines for months together. Having worked with an injection company myself, I believe that team Threegon does have skills and expertise to help clients take project from concept to reality which comes in handy for early phases of product development. My best wishes to Scott and team Threegon.


Best Wishes, 

Andy Kshatriya, Project Leader
Grey Innovation 2019



Small Medium Enterprises makeup 98% of all Australian businesses, produce one-third of the total GDP and employ 4.7 million people! They are the rock stars of the business world. Most of our projects are launched for SME's to boost their new product offerings and range. They run at lightning-fast pace with nimble project teams that steer the product to meet all its goals, even as they are sometimes defined in real-time.


Threegon are an exceptional supplier to work with, having engaged over many years of development and production there has never been any doubt in their ability to solve complex manufacturing issues and deliver a product that meets our expectations. Their communication sets them apart from most Chinese suppliers, having close contact with a highly skilled team of professionals in every area of the business gives me transparency and confidence they are the right manufacturer for our products.

Debbie Kurucz, Operations

STM 2019

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MNC's + public companies

Even the giants of industry occasionally introduce new products that aren't yet at the scale or development they are comfortable to setup for.  We work with various multi-nationals and public companies to deliver special projects on time and on budget, adapting our process to comply with their own standards of operation. 


Over the past 2 years, Scott and his team have been excellent partners in the development of our products. The working relationship has been open, collaborative, thoughtful and successful. There have been challenges with our products, but on every occasion, they have met or exceeded expectations. They have also communicated clearly and warmly welcomed our staff to their facility on a number of occasions. I can highly recommend Scott and his team at Threegon - we certainly look forward to working with them in the future.

Sean Parsons, CEO

Ellume 2017

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