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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Scott here...I'm usually spinning many plates, juggling one issue with another at any given moment in time while trying to manage our business for growth, become a better service for our clients and provide a better quality of life for our staff.

In a moment of reflection, I was thinking why are we not doing more about the environment we live in. Every day, we are contributing to the Earth's eco-system destruction as an individual and as an organisation. That burger I just ate, the coffee I just drank, packaging it was wrapped in, the air-conditioning, the hot shower I took and those 100,000 assemblies we just shipped...crikey!

Unless you have been living under a rock (of denial?) you may have noticed depending on where you live, temperatures have been rising and summers have been elongated, more extreme weather events and generally more news about natural disasters. Even in Hong Kong, it wasn't long ago (5th Sept 2018) we had super typhoon Mangkhut blow through our backdoor, the effects of which were devastating for a city the size of ours. Something like 50% of the trees were collapsed, wild flooding and shattered windows from skyscrapers littered our pavements.

Images taken at the Futian land transport border early September 2018

Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong 5-Sept-2018

It is now the end of September 2021, and it's still stinking hot at 34 degC 90 Rel Humidity. As a child visiting Hong Kong in the 80's, I remember celebrating mid-Autumn festival in winter gear! What happened to that?

So, why are we not doing more? Well, I figured out the problem. Me. As the founder and managing director of Threegon, no one is going to push this agenda if I don't kick this in the nuts now! So here goes - I pledge that we will make our organisation operate carbon neutral by end of 2025!

At this point, I only have a sketchy idea of how we will do this. As nothing is ever straight forward, we are sure to stumble along the way, make mistakes and then figure out how to make it right. I'll be upfront and tell you now, I'm no expert in this area, learning as I'm going, probably changing course every now and then. What I will do is share this journey (almost in real time), warts and all with anyone who wants to follow along and read these next series of posts. As a small medium enterprise operating its head office in Hong Kong and two manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, I hope it helps another company take this step towards becoming carbon neutral as well.

To 2025 and beyond!!!

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